Historical Futures Data

Data History

The futures index products emini SP 500, NASDAQ 100, currency product Euro FX (FOREX), metal Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Natural Gas are the most popular futures among traders over the world.
ANFutures provides Intraday Interest Rate adjusted CC Data history in CSV (ASCII text) format - Continuous Contract Futures Data.
To update history with a fresh intraday adjusted data the new files are available to download online daily just a few hours after the Globex futures market closed. 
Up Tick, Down Tick, Up volume and Down Volume data is available for free.

Continuous Contract Data and Tick-by-tick Data

Continuous Contract futures Data history is in the one minute time frame format. To get data in different format you can use our Data Converter for free.  
Transaction by transaction data  since March 2003 available for ES, NQ, EC futures and since 2013 for GC, SI, CL and NG products. Learn more about our Tick Data History products
Every historical data file includes data for front months contract's period from roll-over day to roll-over day. Historical data files are available online to download. 

The latest date of data updating

- current contract emini SP500 futures ESH22 - Jan 19,2022

- current contract emini NASDAQ 100 futures NQH22 - Jan 19,2022

- current contract Euro FX futures ECH22 - Jan 19,2022

- current contract Gold futures GCG22 - Jan 19,2022

- current contract Silver futures SIH22 - Jan 19,2022

- current contract Crude Oil futures CLH22 - Jan 19,2022

- current contract Henry Hub Natural Gas futures NGG22 - Jan 19,2022

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