News of the Site

23/03/2017. The problem with reinstalling the server has been successfully completed.

We resumed our online sales data in its entirety. From now the minute and tick ES, NQ, and EC data available as usual.

12/03/2017. Stop selling online

Due to reinstalling base on the server we stop selling data online from that date up to the next Monday. Sorry for inconvenience, please visit us later.

11/03/2017. Data for Mar.17 contract is available to download.

There was Roll-Over on Thursday 09.03.2017. The Tick-by-tick and 1 min intraday data files are prepared in ASCII format and zip compressed for faster download as usual. Our Continuous Contract Data is a most effective data for system developers and traders to test trading tools. The current contract is Jun.17 from that date.

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